We let you look INSIDE the “INBOX” at How Others use Email Marketing

InboxVision is a new kind of online Email Marketing Business Intelligence that changes your email marketing world. It eliminates the guesswork and enables you to make faster, smarter email marketing decisions resulting in more sales.
InboxVision is a searchable online database that tracks, monitors and analyses email marketing campaigns in the UK, Ireland, United States and Canada. Its the easiest way to find out what email campaigns leading companies and competitors in your industry are sending out, and which email campaigns messages are working successfully for them. Quickly track and analyse those email messages relevant to you, out of hundreds of thousands of email marketing campaigns from leading players and brands across your industry.

The InboxVision system consists of an innovative email marketing intelligence tool:


InboxVision is the easiest way to stay on top of your market. Every day your competitors and partners are sending out email campaigns InboxVision will collect your chosen campaign emails for you. It will then send you an email alert so that you can compare the emails on a daily or weekly basis, enabling you to monitor and stay on top of your market. InboxVision is a dynamic, real-time email marketing intelligence tool, enabling you to track your competitors, protect your brand, monitor your resellers these are just a few examples of how InboxVision can help you.
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InboxVision gives you insight to what's working in your industry by providing intelligence:

Each day, thousands of email campaign messages from key market sectors, leading brands, and organisations are added to the InboxVision database to give you unparalleled competitive intelligence of how industries, brands, organisations and competitors are using email marketing for customer acquisition and retention.