InboxVision Overview

InboxVision overview

What will InboxVision do for me?
InboxVision is the easiest & most cost-effective way for your business to quickly gain a competitive advantage, by providing “email marketing business intelligence and insight“ into who’s emailing what, when and how often for your chosen target market. InboxVision enables you to track, monitor and compare email marketing messages from your industry and your major competitors, from over 100,000 leading brands and 30,000 leading companies across the UK, Ireland, & North America. We cover eleven key market sectors and new market sectors, companies and brands are being added every day, so sign up to our blog to keep updated.
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How InboxVision will help you stay on top of your market

InboxVision provides timely alerts
InboxVision automatically alerts you via email (based on your chosen alert preferences) when new email campaign messages meeting your key monitoring criteria are added to the InboxVision database. You and your team will be able to review the messages at your convenience by logging into your own InboxVision portal.
InboxVision monitors email campaigns for you
Simply set up a InboxVision alert, set up your own keywords and market sectors and we then notify you via email whenever we have a match against the thousands of emails messages we process each day. You then view the email campaign messages collected in your portal inbox. Purchase and set up as many searches as you like and we do the rest!
Marketing insight
InboxVision gives you insight into your industry and your competitors’ email marketing strategy. Here are some examples:
  • Promotional offerings
  • Calls to action
  • Recurring subject lines
  • Product pricing
  • Popular subject lines
  • Incentives/loyalty schemes
  • Email message designs
  • Broadcast timings & frequencies
  • Brand abuse
Here are some examples of how you can use InboxVision:

Competition Monitoring

  • Observe and react to your market sectors and competitors’ promotional emails as they are sent out
  • Enhance your email marketing strategy by learning where and how your competitors are
  • Discover the offers your competitors are placing in each channel

Protecting your brand

  • InboxVision also helps you, protect and monitor your brand by seeing how your brand is being used within email campaigns by authorised and unauthorised 3rd parties
  • Be alerted every time your brand of interest is mentioned in third-party publications as well as your own in-house emails
  • You will be able to take timely action over the misuse of trademarks, taglines and brands

Keyword surveillance tracking

  • Observe and monitor changing email trends in your marketplace
  • Monitor particular product types
  • Discover new advertising and potential sponsorship opportunities and uncover new affiliates and potential sponsors

Channel intelligence

  • InboxVision can also help monitor the email marketing campaigns your channel partners send out
  • Better still, monitor the campaigns of your competitors’ channel partners
  • Monitor how your partners are using your corporate branding guidelines
  • Be alerted every time an email contains a link associated with a particular partner or affiliate
  • Discover the organisations/brands that partners and affiliates work with

Subject line tracking

  • Discover how marketers are using different subject lines in your market and develop creative new subject messages of your own
  • Find out what’s happening in your marketplace eg track who’s using “laptops” in their email subject lines
  • Be alerted whenever your chosen subject is used as a subject line

Set up an IP Watch - available soon

  • Monitor your own IP address (important in the case of shared IP use)
  • Monitor a block of IP addresses to see who else is sending email from those IP Addresses (essential for determining IP reputation scores)
  • ESPs can monitor all the emails being delivered from their competition's bank of IP addresses

Sender Domain Tracking - available soon

  • Monitor the email campaigns sent from a specific "sending domain“ regardless of IP address
  • Observe when a particular Sender mentions particular keywords eg “Free delivery” from
  • Monitor the activity of affiliate networks and discover your competitor's email marketing strategy