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Add xyz@noemail.local to your contacts to ensure our emails always go into your inbox.If you cannot read this email message please click here Dear Mr Bramley,Thank you for recently saving your
Nationwide Car Insurance quote online.Nationwide Car Insurance is provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited.We notice that you have not retrieved you quote. Nationwide would like to
take thisopportunity to remind you of your quote details provided by LV=.Why not retrieve your quote and buy online today and experience the great cover you'd expectfrom Nationwide.Great cover...New
car replacement if your car is less than 12 months oldCover for audio, phone or satellite navigation equipmentFREE windscreen security etchingCover for accidental damage to your car (comprehensive
cover)24 hour claims line* See features & benefits and Policy Documents for more information.What next?To purchase your policy online, simply retrieve your online quote - You will need to enter
your email address and password, then once you have checked all your information carefully proceed with your secure online payment.  RG226ST £619.24Mr Jason
BramleyComprehensiveStart: 20/01/12Ref: 11937984731 YourssincerelyJohn O'RoarkeManaging Director – General Insurance Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company LimitedWe want you to be sure this is a
genuineemail for Nationwide car insurance sent to you by LV=. So here are two simple checks you can make.First, check the box below, and the box at the head of this email, to make sure they contain
your correct postcode. For your added peace of mind, we will make sure we include it on any email we send you.RG226STIf this postcode relates to a previous address and you have recently informed us of
your new address please be aware there will be a delay of about 8 weeks in this information being updated on our email system. If you continue to get emails with your previous postcode please inform
us. If the postcode is wrong for any other reason or you want to inform us of a new address please visit/contact your local branch.Second, please reassure yourself that this email does not request any
confidential details or security information such as account details or PINs. We will NEVER do this in an email. Nor will we direct you to a website asking you to divulge your personal security
details. Nationwide Building Society acts as Introducer to Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited (LVIC) for Car insurance. LV= and Liverpool Victoria are registered trade marks of
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited and LV= and LV= Liverpool Victoria are trading styles of the Liverpool Victoria Group of companies. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited (LVIC),
registered in England and Wales No. 3232514 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, register number 202965. Registered address for all Liverpool Victoria companies: County
Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF.Tel: 01202 292333.Click here to unsubscribe from further emails from LV about your Nationwide insurance quote.This email communication makes use of a ''Clear Image'' (gif)
to track results of the email campaign. If you wish to turn off this tracking for future emails, you can do so by turning off the images in the email itself.Nationwide is a registered trademark of
Nationwide Building Society. © Nationwide Building Society.WS20909708 06/09
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Nationwide Insurance (5 messages)
Thank you for recently saving your Nationwide Car Insurance quote
Sent on:
23 Jan 2012
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